Wednsday 28th April 2010

Ground breaking… I woke up @ 7:19 after more than 10 hours sleep. Last time that happened was when I was 11!

Had lunch yesterday @  The Yellow House in Paknajol with a our friend. Ole Guldager who runs the Narsarsuac Museum in Greenland where amongst other things sells Trekking Maps which he produces here in Nepal. So he’s in town a couple og months every year. Pendling between Narsasuarc and Kathmandu makes him a true globetrotter that could be a regular @ Tings. If – of course – he likes the atmosphere.

Got home to  a message from Gaia  – they have decided to com to Kathmandu on the 30th – to be in town in case of Maoist troubles, I guess. We’ll meet up tomorrow @ our place. Maybe Kiki will join us – that would be nice.

The town  is  very quit. It is as if everybody is waiting to see what is going to happen on 1st May where between 250.000 and 500.00 Maoists are expected to celebrate mayday and continue with strikes the following days.

Invited ChiragKhusbu for dinner on Thursday next week.

We’re still waiting for a new appointment with Santosh after his cancelling Friday. But obviously he’s to busy…

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