Friday 30th 2010

Gaia + mother Lis + friend Louise + Mr. D. from Gamcha came by yesterday.

We didn’t know before whether they would stay for dinner. But I was prepared – so it was easy for us to arrange something, when we reached dinnertime and they were still here.

Beside our improvised green salad tossed in a peanut/ginger/coco/garlic/chili dressing and topped w. crispy fried paneer + sunflower seeds, we served a big bowl of Gazpacho made from the Tings recipes, I have worked on the last couple of weeks.

They all approved it.

They also approved my home made Ice Tea – this has been a little difficult to make, sins both Annette and myself like it a little more sour and with less sugar than most people do. But the one – (based on Dawa’s Organic Illam Tea) was Bull’s Eye!

So now I have the FIRST TWO items ready for our Tings-Tea-Lounge-Snack-Menue ready. A main course and a drink.

A BIG Breakthrough!

One more Breakthrough! They also like the oils Annette is working on – and the bottle – so also here we are on the right track.

Bonus info
Gaia’s mother is working as Ecological Consultant for Soebogaard/Nepal
in Gamcha outside Bakthapur. The organic farm where we love to go and stay when we want to get away from town for a night or two. In Denmark she runs a big organic farm in Jylland where she grows the best carrots in the world. The carrots that Noma uses. We look forward to taste it When we come to Copenhagen and IF we the get a chance to get a reservation so we can use our two year old voucher for a dinner for two 🙂

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