Tuesday 27th April 2010

Up VERY early – again.

We thought that we could do a lot of web work yesterday. But the fastest up/down load is in the middle of the night or early morning. So…

But now it’s possible to see a short presentation of our house – the future Tings Lounge Hotel and Tings Tea Lounge – including our rebuilding plans. Check it out here.

Otherwise yesterday was relatively quiet. It looks as if the tax review for last year is close to finished. It will be nice to get it over and done with so that we get a fresh start of the Tings year.

Didn’t make it for Ramascakle @ Lazimpath Gallery Cafe, but had a very nice dinner @ our friend Arjuns place. Arjun runs Family Guest House behind Radisson and one of the best Japanese restaurants in town: Momotarou in Thamel less than 15 minutes walk from Tings. It’s a little difficult to find – so look for the sign.

One of the best Japanese Restaurants in that price category.

Very annoying
Our new landlords went to Nabil Bank to cash in the cheque with our down payment. Again there were problems with the bank – the landlords could not get the money and had to call us and explain the situation. Totally unheard of and very embarrassing since our account is loaded!!!  Annette had to call the supervisor to get them cash the check and give them the money. I hate that bank. It has never worked. Or at least not since our first contact person left the bank.

Very promising
One of the things we want to do – next to running the hotel, tea lounge and our other projects – is helping people that want to start up business in Nepal or are working on a project. Yesterday we got a call from Ole Guldager (through the Danish Embassy, thanx) who wants to hear our experience getting our legal company (Toga Hospitality PvT Ltd), business visa etc. And the day before, the Danish designer Gaia contacted us asking if we could meet. She’s in town and wants to get contact for high quality fabric (knitwear) – she got our names from Cibo in CPH… It’s funny, because one of the things topping our list of things we would like to do, is making high quality sweaters for Hans Christian Madsen … small world:-)

And when I opened my FB there was a message from the Danish chef de cuisine Nikolaj Kirk:

hej Thomas – jeg er på vej til -Nepal, rejser nu og lander om jeg ved ikke hvor mange timer, håber du orker at skrive hvor jeg skal spise noget rigtigt lokaldt mad eller sådan… hilsen nikoalj
…….sidst jeg så dig var i Zanzibar hilsen nikolaj.

When everything is up and running we’ll have the perfect surroundings to help people. All necessary equipments: Projector, secretary help, mobile phones to lend out, meeting facilities and a very big kitchen where dedicated food lovers like ourselves can play…. that’ll be the day.

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