Monday 26th april 2010

5:40 am

Feeling great!

Sun is shining, the parrots sing and my glass of Illam tea spreads it’s fantastic odeur around me. And I just put 3 liters of home made ice tea in the fridge. Ice tea is one of the most refreshing drinks in the heat – and most of the manufactured products you can buy are too sweet. So – and of course – as a Tea Lounge we will serve our own recepie.

Our new land lords asked us to come by yesterday evening. They had an important issue to discus with us: If they could cash in the cheque with our down payment already now? – they need the cash for the down payment for their new appartment behind the Danish Embassy. And of course they can. When signing the contract we had agreed that they could cash in the check when we had the approval for the reconstruction of the house. But after the meeting with our architect the other day we are confident that there won’t be problems.
When we left we got a dinner invitation – we really like them!!

Had another very good experience yesterday. We went for a short picnic in the Gypsy. Had coffee at Grand Norlig Resort 40 minutes from Ting in Lazimpat, after Boudha and Jorpati on the Sankhu Road. Super Tibetan run resort with spacious rooms and fantastic views to a very green golf corse packed with monkies and – on a good day –  peacocks. And a very nice pool 🙂

Todays program:

Planning Ting.
Dinner @ Ajun’s new restaurant that opend Friday (next to European Bakery) – if we have the time a cold Tuborg @ Lazimpat Gallery Cafe where Anthony and Desmond are playing their versions of american blues, rock C&W and a couple of their own songs. They are worth seeing – far better than the crap-cover-bands that are making life in Thamel very miserable.

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