I know – this blog looks like SHIT. But it works!

The visual identity is in progress. We have the logo etc ready but wait untill it’s rolled out on all formats before we will reveal anything. IT LOOKS GREAT!

(I would have loved to link to our dear friend and graphic designer Line Kruger who is working with us on the visuals – but she is invissable on the web!!!)

Our meeting with the architect yesterday morning was a very positive experience. He had drawn up all the levels by CAD  on his PC – and all ready included some of our ideas in the plans. That meant that we could go through all our ideas, modify and implement them directly on the existing plans. So when the architect left 1½ hour later, we had decided what to do, and he had sufficient information to finalize the plans for the official approval. Once they are stamped in the official offices we are ready to built. Very encouraging.

Our visit at Kiki’s was exactly what we needed.

The unconditional love you get from all her kids put our daily live in perspective … We are stressing ourselves with our ambitions of our life in general and Tings in specific! And our friends around the world get frustrated over the financial crises, volcanoes on Iceland, the weather, the economic situation in Greece etc. Kiki’s kids have a very simple life – and they are floating over with love and care just because we come by and say hello and stay with them for a couple of hours.

This is Love and Compassion in ACTION.

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