Saturday 24th April 2010

Confusing evening yesterday!

The reception yesterday turned out to be a fake – at least, there was nothing happening at the Counsil. What exactly went wrong is hard to tell. I tried to find the invitation on FB later but it was removed OR I had deleted it

Our celebration-night-out with Santosh and our friends from AD Factor, after the reception was cancelled a couple of hours after we were supposed to start… Santos had to get up early next morning for a shooting SO….

Our Friday night started with two ‘NON EXISTENT'” appointments – very Nepalese 🙂

But that didn’t matter at all!

Before we left Annette got a call from Scandia Housing. Our flat in Cph is rented out from  May 7th – a big relief to know that someone now is taking care of this lovely place… So we honestly felt more like a private celebration in a more relaxed way chilling in the bar @ Attic – our favourite hang out – only 10 minutes from the future Tings Lounge Hotel.

So right now I feel great!

No hangover, with Prince groovin’ (Crystall Ball) and the engineer/architect on his way with new and updated drawings of our house.

And as soon as we’ve finished, we’ll be off to Kiki’s for a Saturday party with all her lovely kids.

The big break through:

Just got a mail from Prakash with info’s regarding the WP blog… so from tomorrow the Log about the realization of Tings will be posted daily and directly on the blog.

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