My avocado toast in now on the menu!

Why don’t we make Avocado Toast?

Just got back to Tings Lisbon after two very busy weeks at Tings Kathmandu where Dorje as always made a fantastic Mandala for the Laxmi Puja.

We arrived to a garden packed with huge and beautiful Avocado’s from the tree we planted 10 years ago. We had almost forgotten everything about it and was positively surprised to see the beauties Dorje brought us.

Hey… lets make my favorite toast?

I got our two Abisheks, Shishir and Ranjib together around the kitchen table and showed them how to make it.

Voila! Not mine – but the one the guys serve. Exactly as it should look

First I spread a thin layer of of slightly chopped crispy salad on a toasted slice of the morning’s home-baked breakfast bread.

Then I arranged slices of the fresh avocado on the salad, placed Abishek’s perfectly poached eggs (he does it better than me!!!) on top of it all and dripped a few drops of fresh lime and flakes of crispy chilly all over it.

And of course seasoned it with the Atlantic Sea Salt we bring from Portugal and ground pepper….

If you like it, put it on the menu.

Before we left we told Dorje to try out the sandwich on a few guests.

She did.

Just woke up to this wonderful message from Dorje – and a photo of a very delicious toast the guys were about to serve. Couldn’t help thinking if Laxmi gave a helping hand LOL

Avocado toast sold out. When taking out the avocado from tree n guest asking “is it for dinner?”

Our guests seems to like it as much as I do. So now we serve our Avocado Toast at Tings for 350 NRP only 🙂

Love and compassion


If you are more hungry try out our popular Cinnamon Buns. We have made them for almost 10 years now and they are as wet and tasty as ever.

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