Tings has one of the best cafes in Kathmandu

Just got a mail from Chris from KimKim.com

I wanted to let you know that we recently published the article The Best cafes in Kathmandu where we recognized Tings Tea Lounge.



Mail from Chris – Kimkim


I couldn’t place name in any travel related context. Still it sounded familiar.

After a few seconds on Google I remembered.

The new online travel platform by the guys behind TripAdvisor. The company that wants to get the travel experts back in the travel business.

The company who connects travelers with local experts who actually know about travelling and destinations, instead of the countless of unexperienced travelers who happens to ‘just’ like a sight, hotel, destination, shop, beach etc without any knowledge and experience at all. Of course their reviews tells wether they have had a good experience or not. But not if a place is the best or worst in town, or if it’s the best place for me.

The idea behind Kimkim is just up my alley

Most of our guests at Tings Kathmandu and Tings Lisbon book directly with us because they have read our blogs and want our opinion about what to see and do for them. If they are good freinds we know weel, we tailormade our advices according to their interests. If it’s from guests we don’t know, we tell them about our personal favotites – but at the same time point out that they might not like the same things we do.

easy, isn’t it

We always prefer direct contact to a local travel specialist rather than an online travel platform like TripAdvisor. But direct contact is not always possible to get – and this is where KimKim.com enters.

KimKim.com is an online platform where travelers communicate directly with a local expert, who knows the destination well and can offer curated travel advices.

If you’re a trip planning start-up that puts travellers in touch with local experts, but you’re not sure about your branding, having your first customer called Kim, buy from another Kim, is a gift.

How Travel Hive became KimKim

Don’t get me wrong – we love good reviews!

Of course we like good reviews – they tell us that our guests are happy and have had a good experience with us.

And after having checked our TripAdvisor reviews for the first time since God knows when, it blew me away to find out that Tings Kathmandu is #12 with a maximum 5 star rating. After 8 years 🙂

Not only is Tings Kathmandu among the best hotels in Kathmandu. Our teas from all over the world is famous among tea lover all over the world
Our teas from all over the world is famous among tea lover all over the world

… and of course Kimkim’s recommendation

After seeing the list of specialists in Kathmandu, I am very happy to find Tings Kathmandu on their list of Best cafes in Kathmandu together with Kar.ma Coffee, Cafe Soma and other good freinds.

Kimkim obviously knows what they write about 🙂

Tings Tea Lounge is also a hotel, located a short drive (or a fifteen-minute walk) north of Thamel, just off Lazimpat Road. It takes the ‘lounge’ in its name seriously and is a hub for creative activities in Kathmandu.

Art exhibitions and film screenings are often held here on Friday nights, so it’s really an artistic meeting space.

They have an extensive tea menu, with highlights from around Asia, and the food menu is also diverse, with lots of fresh salads.

Kimkim’s best cafes in Kathmandu

Happy Losar to all

See you in April for Art and our 10 years Kathmandu anniversary


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