VooToo 5 min from Tings Kathmandu is all over the world

VooToo in Lazimpat is the best in Kathmandu

What we have known for years – has now been endorsed by another – and very famous –  food lover.

Thanks to India’s Congress President Rahul Gandhi who came by for dinner a few days ago the whole world knows about this fantastic place.

logoCongress president Rahul Gandhi’s Mansarovar Yatra got embroiled in a controversy, well before it began.

Did Rahul Gandhi eat Chicken Kurkure in Nepal?

Technically, he had not begun his yatra as he was in Nepal’s Kathmandu when a waiter told local media about the dishes he relished.

Rahul Gandhi reached Kathmandu on August 31 and had his dinner at the Vootoo restaurant.


We have a rule at Tings: we never take photos of our guests. Our guests want privacy 

Since he is a celebrity, local media wanted to know from the hotel staff what he ate. A waiter told them Rahul Gandhi had ordered the Newari platter and especially liked the Chicken Kurkure of which he ordered a second helping. 

Reports said Rahul Gandhi sat on Table No. 9. Wearing jeans and a T-shirt, he came to the restaurant like any common man. Three to four people accompanied him. He even went to the counter to pay the bill.

Elated over having Rahul Gandhi as its guest, the Vootoo restaurant expressed its happiness in a post on Facebook.

Read the whole story here


Veg or non-veg, Mr Gandhi’s choice of restaurant shows insight knowledge about the Kathmandu food scene. Forget about all the Five Star hotels, forget about the touristic restaurants, forget about the posh Thamel places. You get the best Newari Food at Vootoo.

And not only that – Vootoo is the only place where you find dishes on the menu you know exists but never know where to get along with interpretations of some of the classic ones as well.


After several visits since it opened 6 years ago I know the secrets behind Vootoo’s food: Raju who owns the place is not only an excellent DJ – he is a dedicated food lover who enjoys cooking himself.

We have had so many food talks since he opened – can’t wait to get back !!

Thomas/Tings Lisbon

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