Robots in restaurants – Sick idea!

Robot waiters Kathmandu restaurants???


The Inquierer.NetKATHMANDU — Restaurants need to do more than serve tasty and quality food if they want to stay in business, they have to adopt new business strategies as competition is intensifying.

The players in the industry have to make efforts to keep up with the changing tastes of customers, and they are constantly innovating to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

The latest bright idea is to have robots serve food to customers. Diners let their jaw drop when they see sci-fi characters as waiters.

Moreover, they can save on the 10 percent service charge because the machines are not unionized.

Read the story in The Incuire.Net 3 September


I thought it was a joke when I found this one in my inbox this morning.

Restaurants in Kathmandu investing in Robots as waiters to save 10 % service charge???

I know the whole world is talking about AI, VR, AR and other digital realities. I get the idea when it comes to servicing disabled or elderly people.

But as waiters in restaurants? And to save 10 % service charge.

This idea is SICK – especially in a country like Nepal – One Robot costs more than 8 lakh!

Focus on the food and the ambiance instead and forget about these stupid expensive Chinese ideas.


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