Bookmundi: Tings among the 10 best hotels in Kathmandu

Waauw. Tings is one of the 10 best hotels in Kathmandu!!!


Charts depends on individual taste and preferences, so we are not trying to be the best in any category. What we do the is working hard to make the stay stay as good and comfortable as possible for our guests. Like if they were family and friends visiting us.

What a big surprise it is to receive a mail from Bookmundi telling us that Tings Kathmandu is one of the 10 best hotels in Kathmandu. Especially when you see the other hotels on the list.

We are of course happy – it’s always nice to get recognition for ones work and efforts. But what really means a lot to us are all the nice words and greetings we get from our guests and all the guests that keep returning to us year after year… and not only in Kathmandu. A few month ago we got this mail from Jolanda:

I had the pleasure of staying for 3 weeks in Tings KTM last year and I really enjoyed my stay. If I ever come to Lisbon again I will for sure consider staying in your new Tings.


Bookmundi LOGO TransparantTings is an oasis for travelers who are looking for a comfortable accommodation with all the basic amenities at hands.

You can either relax in your room or meet fellow travelers at the common area.

They also have an amazing food menu that compliments the stay. Reservations are highly recommended!

See our exclusive company on Bookmundi


A funny story


We don’t want to run hotels or restaurants. We want to create opportunities for people who does. Like our manager and partner Dorje. 

It took us a year to get Tings up and running. Then we handed over the responsibility to Dorje and her staff and started traveling again.

You’re crazy – the place will fall apart, the staff will steal everything and run away. It will never be the same without you… 

That was 5 years ago we got these comments from the Kathmandu Expat crowd.

They were right in one thing. Tings is not the same without us – its something else, or a lot more 🙂

But all the rest was Bull Shit… our top ratings on Tripadvisor and now Bookmundi’s #10 chart proves that. It is the result of Dorje and her teams hard work.

So to Dorje and her team: Huge congrats and respect. The Top 10 prize is yours – not ours. Celebrate when you get the time.

Endless love

Annette & Thomas

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