The Guardian: How Kathmandu’s streets went quiet…

The car horn is uncivilised: how Kathmandu’s streets went quiet

Kathmandu Traffic.jpg

Many predicted the Nepali capital’s ban on vehicle horns would be ignored. But six months on, the streets are peaceful – in a city without a single traffic light.


Guardian LOGOWhen the authorities in Kathmandu outlawed the use of vehicle horns in April, the start of the Nepali year, many expected the ban would go the way of most new year’s resolutions and be quickly forgotten.

But six months later, the streets of the capital remain remarkably quiet. In a city where a horn was widely used as a substitute for a break, Kathmandu’s drivers appear to have kicked their noisy habit for good.

“To mark the new year we wanted to give something new to the people of Kathmandu,” said Mingmar Lama, the head of the traffic police at the time the ban was introduced. “The horn is a symbol of being uncivilised. We wanted to show the world how civilised we are in Kathmandu.”

Read Pete Pattisson’s story in The Guradian


I was ROFLMAO when I read my morning updates from Kathmandu

Peaceful streets in Kathmandu I read in one of the rare stories in Western media that hasn’t anything to do with charity, Himalaya or poverty.

For reasons unknown to me The Guardian has a journalist in Kathmandu – and a journalist who gets space to write about one of our most common daily struggles in Kathmandu. The Traffic! Or to be more specific – the noise from the traffic.

When I was in town a month ago I took my nephew on a motorbike ride from Lazimpat to Patan and on to Boudha before returning back to Lazimpat. The traffic was insane!! CHAOS everywhere with pollution that have forced everyone to wear masks and honking horns nobody cares about any more…

My nephew was in chock

How on Earth the journalist has got the idea that the streets in Kathmandu are quiet?

I told Annette about the story.

Arhh – It must be because the journalist was in town during Dashain & Tihar. 

She was I Kathmandu for Dashain 🙂

Part of the fun for tourists going to Kathmandu is the traffic. For people living there things are different.

Unless things have changed radically… Silence – NO WAY




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