Now we teach students how to make cakes :-)

Tings Kathmandu is not a bakery. But we make all our breads and cakes

Sagar and Dinesh teaches cakes (1)

Sagar in action

We don’t mind sharing our recipes. We have taught a lot of Nepalese how to make bread.

Now Sagar has introduced something new. He does How-To-Make-Cakes.

We love initiative!


Since we opened Tings we have baked our own bread.


Believe it or not – one of the most difficult things to make is the Burger Bun. It it took us almost a year to get the bun for our Saturday burger right.

People who know it, say they love our bread. Our guests praise the smell of home baked bread when they wake up. Some travelers claims that we do the best bread in town in their reviews.

We don’t think that

And we don’t understand the fuzz about it and why bread has to be so expensive. Not only is it cheap, it is also very easy to make.

It’s one of the oldest food items in the history of man. Think about that!

We are not making a lot of varieties – only the ones we use in our menus: Breakfast bread, sandwich breads, Burger Buns & Bagels.

From time to time people ask us how we do our bread. We don’t mind telling them – and sometimes we even take them in and teach them.


We also make our own cakes

Not a lot – only the ones we like ourselves and can make from the ingredients we have access to in Kathmandu: Banana cake, cinnamon buns, Brownies and a few others.

People like them too, but they have never asked us about how we make them.

Until now.


Sagaer teaching students in Namgyal Middle Boarding School how to make banana cake

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last week Dorje’s friend, who is a teacher at Namgyal Middle Boarding School in Swayambhu, called her and asked her if we could teach his student’s how to make cakes. Not only through books and recipes – but showing them. 

Sagar and Tings

Guess who is who

Of course we could do that. Part of our philosophy is that people share their skills and experiences to their colleagues.And that is exactly what Sagar has. From our kitchen – and from his hotel management colloge.

A few days later Sagar went and taught the students how to make banana cakes and brownies. Not in an oven – but in a cooker which everybody have 🙂


If you wonder why we left our comfortable lives in the happiest country in the world

It was really tough starting up Tings Kathmandu.

And right now starting up Tings Lisbon isn’t easier. Our life is nothing but work. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find time to stop up and enjoy.

But it happens 🙂

Like the other day when we got the message from Dorje telling us about the baking classes, and the following messages we got from Sagar about him teaching both students and teachers.

Then we knew how privileged we are – we just desperately miss our family in Kathmandu so much.

We lover their initiative, attitude and talent.

Hugs and love from Tings Lisbon,

Annette & Thomas

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