Tings Tea Lounge among the best in Kathmandu

Best Cafes in Kathmandu according to online travel agent KimKim

kimkim helps travelers plan and book their trip by connecting them to knowledgeable local travel specialists.

We don’t know their specialist in Katkmandu. But by the cafes listed on their site it’s obviously someone who lives here and knows the city which explains why Thamel isn’t on the list (the 2 Thamel cafes on kimkim’s are actually not in Thamel but on Tredevi Marg – the road that leads to the Thamel Gate (but that’s another story)

We know and like all kimkim’s recommendations. If we should add a few places ourselves it would be Karma Coffee’s new cafe at RS MOTO (Naxal) and Vino Bistro in Radisson Road (Lazimpat).


KikKIm LogoThere’s not a single Starbucks (or other Western chain) in Kathmandu, and that’s good news for finding unique, atmospheric places to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

While Nepalis still prefer sweet, milky, heavily spiced chiya (tea) or Nestle instant coffee when relaxing at home, there’s a growing cafe scene in the capital where you can get a good mug of whatever you prefer, with a tasty slice or cake or sandwich on the side.

Here are some suggestions for places to seek out. Most will have Wifi.



Tings tea Lounge is kimkim’s pick in Lazimpat 🙂

Tings Tea Lounge is also a hotel, located a short drive (or a fifteen-minute walk) north of Thamel, just off Lazimpat Road.

It takes the ‘lounge’ in its name seriously and is a hub for creative activities in Kathmandu. Art exhibitions and film screenings are often held here on Friday nights, so it’s really an artistic meeting space.

They have an extensive tea menu, with highlights from around Asia, and the food menu is also diverse, with lots of fresh salads.


Nice and flattering words – Dorje and her team deserves them 🙂

We may be one of the oldest lounges in town but we’re still loaded with energy ad determined to serve the best quality within our capabilities…

As we say – we don’t wan’t to be the best. But we want to be best at what we do… that’s why there are so many things we don’t do. 


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