Until 10 April at Tings Kathmandu: Bardo by Aditya Aryal


Don’t miss our long awaited exhibition at Tings Kathmandu: Bardo by Aditya Aryal

5 years ago we had our first art exhibition with Nepalese Art – the group show NoNameNoThemeJustArt with works by the most talented young artists in our opinion.

It has been fantastic to follow the artists from that show. To see their progress here in Kathmandu, to show their works at Tings and to see how their art conquer the world.

We even have the privilege to be able to help some of the artists getting their art exposed outside Nepal.

Aditya Aryal is not only the first Nepalese artist we met back 2011. His works are among the first (of many) we bought and he is the first artist we managed to get to Europe. Not because he comes from a developing country but because he is as talented as his contemporary colleagues in other countries.

In 2015 he was one of the 10 artists from all over the world invited to 5th Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival in Denmark – an event he almost missed because of the EQ, but managed to overcome with flexibility and help from the involved embassies, the galleries and our friends.

15696720_10154970468372268_847142315_oWith Bardo Aditya re-interprets the Buddhist concept of the transitional state between two lives on earth as a time-related idea of letting go and a spiritual connection to one’s mind.

In his Bardo paintings Aditya Aryal is questioning not only his position in relation to those essential binaries, but also the constellations of contemporary Nepali society.

15696720_10154970468372268_847142315_oThrough a connective web of Tibetan imagery and references to Thanka tradutuibs combined with Western influences in technique and composition, the artist contributes an alternate vision of reality represented in his idea of Bardo.

From Tings Art

In june 2017 Aditya will return to Europe for the 3rd time

In contrast to his chaotic first appearance on the European art scene, this time Aditya is prepared.

He will bring his Bardo collection of the brand new art works he has been creating since his return from his 2nd European visit in 2016.

The works are impressing – they show an artist that has grown and matured personally as well as technically.

They show an artist with reflexions and visions.

And they show an artist who is ready to take over the world and dig deeper in his local culture at the same time.

We’re proud to present Bardo by Aditya Aryal

Friday March 10th Kathmandu gets a chance to see Aditya’s new works.

As always our opening is a celebration – of art, creativity, humanity and love.

Like in all of our other Art @ Tings celebrations it will be an evening with snacks, music, art lovers and drinks from our friends at Gorkha Brewery.


Annette, Dorje  & Thomas

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