The best place to relax in Dhaka is Tings’ hotel garden in Kathmandu ;-)

Travelers from Dhaka say our hotel garden is the best in Kathmandu 🙂

Bangladesh (5).JPG

The traffic in Dhaka is so intense & heavy that people sell you books instead of newspapers. Why we ended up in this taxi is a mystery. There are absolutely no places go except away.

We have a lot of guests who live and work in Dhaka.

Several of them are not only returning guests they also tend to ‘just stay’ at our hotel reading, chilling and/or just relaxing. Most of them only leave if the have appointments,  go shopping or feel bad about being in a fantastic city like Kathmandu without visiting at least the most attractive sights we have. Many of them just outside our gate.

But as most of them say: Our hotel garden is the best place to relax in Nepal. That’s what we need. And we really enjoy your food and teas.

We don’t mind that at all.

It was only until we visited Dhaka we understood why – this city may be the most chaotic place on this planet. Compared to Kathmandu is like the garden of Eden.

What we didn’t know was that Tings is the buzz word when expats living there need a peaceful place to relax.

We just found out yesterday when the blog below popped up in one of Thomas’ twitter lists.


Tings: Kathmandu’s secret oasis for weary travellers

If you stop any expat on the streets of Dhaka and ask them where to stay in Kathmandu, they’ll respond without batting an eyelid.


I’m not even kidding – two weeks ago, a friend asked for recommendations and this is what she got:

Tings in Dhaka.png

From the blog Being Bidhesi – Foreign in Bangladesh and beyond


No wonder we have all these fantastic travelers from Dhaka/ Bangladesh staying with us. 🙂



One thought on “The best place to relax in Dhaka is Tings’ hotel garden in Kathmandu ;-)

  1. Dear Thomas Annette,

    good evening …!

    I will miss you a lot and tings all family.

    I hope you are fine and things are running smooth. I have not heard from you people since last month. Hope everyone is good. I am missing you all very much. As time is passing by it is becoming much difficult for me to do without you all. .
    Please write back soon.
    big Hugh




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