After 6 years Tings Tea Lounge keeps the high standard. We intend to keep it that way

Running a restaurant was never our plan or ambition.

Tings Tea Lounge is not a restaurant – just a place to relax, meet other travelers and have a have a light meal.

We are not chefs and we have no experience running a kitchen. We just love food and know what travelers on the road need after having been on the road for a long time – with a lifetime of traveling we feel we know that better than most others.



We are not chefs – but we have chef friends who don’t mind sharing their knowledge and skills with us. Here its the Karma Kids from Karmaman in Copenhagen that plays food with Sagar and Sanjeev


Travellers like us have had our share of local dishes in all qualities. And we LOVE it.


Nepal and Lisbon have many things in common. Like chick peas. So its almost too obvious to introduce a chick pea item in our menu like a Falafel Plate with our re-mixes of this fantastic Israeli dish.

What we are dying to get after weeks or sometimes months on the road are the dishes you never or rarely  find.

Like healthy and fresh salads, pasta al dente, a good olive oil, home baked bread made the same day and the dishes we all dream of when we visit the local market and see whats available – dishes nobody makes because they either don’t know about or don’t know how to make:  A good confit, a good riellette, crispy & fresh Vietnamese spring roll, a chicken cut,  cooked & served the Mediterranean way (right cuttings cooked with rosemary and served with crispy vegetables, bread etc.), Italian gnoccis and similar dishes we know from home (wherever that is) or have learned to cook on our never-ending travel.

What we try to do at Tings is making healthy & affordable dishes – made from ingredients we can get locally. And except for a very few items we make every things ourselves.


Besides the  normal falafel we have created one with sun-dried Tomatoes and one with Black Olives. We serve them with our own pita, salad & Sanjeev’s Chili Sauce.

We just don’t understand why all restaurants doesn’t make their own bread, mayonnaise and similar things. Its cheaper and tastes better.

One more important thing.

We never compromise on the few important ingredients we can’t make and need because they define a dish: We only use Heinz Ketchup for our burger, Kikkoman Soya for our Maki Rolls, the best French Dijon Mustard we can get etc.

We know its more expensive BUT the amount you use for one serving is so small that the guests who like what we like are willing to pay for it.

Our menu is small – only one page. And it follows the seasons – so dishes you get today wont be the same when the season change.


Our chefs in the kitchen are the best in Kathmandu

This may sound arrogant and swagger – but it’s not. We say it because they deserve that the rest of world knows.


Of course we make our own chili sauce. And we will do the same at Tings Lisbon

And because they are.

They are not haute de cuisine chefs – and we don’t want them to be. But the food we have worked on together for more than 6 years they know how to make – and better than us. And the know the most basic things you need to know in our kitchen:

When pasta is al dente, when an olive oil is old, how to see when the yeast ferments, how to clean salads & vegetables, how to organic a kitchen etc.never to trying to  fixmmistakes OR serving/reusing themno matter what the costs.

In other words: things that are important in a kitchen no matter where you are – things they will need in their future positions.


We have actually know that for years – that the kids in our kitchen are good.

Usually we always taste each of our items on the menu every 2nd month – but that hasn’t been the case i 2016. Because of our work with starting up Tings in Lisbon we have been away from Kathmandu longer than usual.  So last time we were back after 4 months absense we were positively surprised not to have one single comment or correction to the dishes Sanjeet, Sagar, Susa & Aman made.

And yesterday when we we’re checking our reviews for Tings Lounge Hotel we coincidently found the Tripadvisor page for Tings Tea Lounge (we did not create it!!!) – a page we never see because most travelers use the official Tings Lounge Hote page. You can’t imagine the feeling we got when we read the fantastic reviews from 2016.

Have a look at the quotes below. And remember we are not a restaurant and don’t want to be – we just want to make the food we love ourselves and know how to make…. and food we think our fellow travelers will love to eat while they relax in our cushions. And if you are curious – check out our menu here.

All the best from Lisbon – and see you all for Losar 🙂

Annette & Thomas


Cute and hidden
I stayed here but also had dinner here. The food was really lovely and well presented and I loved the decorations of the restaurant. The reception was helpful with directions to the bank also. I can’t remember now everything I ate but I do remember it was really tasty and they had a great selection of teas!


Some of my favourite food in KTM
Delicious fresh baked bread, hard to find European delights (such as capers and feta cheese) and the best breakfasts in the city. Tings is a brilliant place to chill out and eat.


Tings is a completely unique experience in Kathmandu – a small hotel and eatery, an Eden tucked away from the cacaphony of Kathmandu, it caters to an intelligent, sophisticated clientel primarily from Europe, Owned and operated by a Danish couple (Thomas and Annette), and managed impeccably by the lovely Dorje, it specializes in art, culture, and a variety of delicious treats that can be found nowhere else in the city. Its homemade bread, as well as its mix of Mediterranean and Asian hors d’oeurvres are a delight. And the apple crumble dessert, served with a helping of yougert, is, by itself, worth the effort to find this hidden treasure. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that all this delicious fare is available at very reasonable prices – you would assume that such unique dishes would come with commensurate prices – but they don’t. Take the time to search this place out!


Best burgers in Nepal!”
By any measure do yourself and your family a favour and visit Tings Tea Lounge on a Saturday morning and you will experience the best burger experience in the country – homemade with the finest fresh ingredients Thomas and his team deliver a true delight – don’t take my word for it, try for yourselves!


Wonderful ambiance and delicious food
In Lazimpat, tucked down a small alley by the side of the Gangjong Hotel and behind the Indian Embassy, this beautiful little boutique hotel and tea lounge offers a wonderful menu of global fusion dishes as well as a fine selection of over 20 teas from all over Asia. My favourite is the grapefruit and green tea though for an aperitif, the Earl Grey gin and tonic takes a lot of beating. Dishes include Vietnamese summer rolls, spicy glass noodle salad, coco crepes with mushroom or chicken filling, and my very favourite, a tapas plate with their selection of humus, chicken or tofu marinated in ginger and sesame and other seasonal delicacies (I usually find there’s too much, so have taken a doggy bag of their wonderful tofu to eat later). Bread is homemade and the best you’ll find anywhere in Kathmandu.
The dining room area is tastefully Scandin-Asia and often displays works of art by local artists. The lovely surrounding garden is also particularly nice to eat al fresco or relax over tea, or even a cup of coffee.

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