CNN features the fantastic Nepalese Kitchen.

We don’t serve Nepalese food at Tings. Most of our guests are travelers that have eaten their part of the Nepalese Kitchen already and need lighter and more healthy international dishes.

But we love the Nepalese kitchen – a kitchen that is so much more than momos and dal bhat. And after having lived here for more than 7 years we are so privileged to have tasted the best dishes from the best kitchens in Nepal: Our friends home cooked dinners 🙂 – It’s through them we know how many dishes, dals, achars, curries and ways of cooking that exist depending on tradition, culture, religion, location etc.

Most travelers are not that lucky – but don’t panic. Sometimes you find stories online that introduce you to what you can expect.

Like the story CNN posted online just before Christmas.



We only make Nepalese food once a year. That’s for Dashain where we all cook Nepalese classics from the best ingredients available.



Kathmandu cravings: Top Nepal foods you can’t miss

cnn_vector_free_logoThe Kathmandu Valley is a dusty jungle of motorbikes, temples and tourists.

It’s also the best place on earth to sample authentic Nepalese cuisine.

Not yet popular on the international scene, Nepalese cuisine is defined by its lentil soups, lean non-creamy curries and famous momos: Tibetan-style dumplings made with Indian spices.

Want to try yak curry or buffalo steak? That’s Nepalese food, too.

If some of the dishes feel familiar, it’s with good reason. Most creations here have their roots in Tibetan, Indian and Thai staples, but over time have been infused with an unmistakable Nepalese twist.

To go truly local, throw aside the cutlery and use the eating tools at the end of your arms.

Read Jenni Marsh’s story on CNN

NOTE: We havent eaten in all the restaurants Jenni Marsh recommendts – they are probably good 🙂





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