Super Nepal feature in Danish Newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Are we the only ones who can feel Nepal returning to the top of the traveling community’s bucket list?

Nepal is topping destination charts and getting media exposure all over the world… this time it is the leading Danish News Paper Jyllands-Posten who features our beautiful country on 4 pages – and on the front page of its Travel Section.


Sorry to all our international friends. The story is in Danish (will try to get an online link so you can use Google Translate

Front Page


Page 1 & 2


Page 3 & 4


Stephen Freiheit (super photographer & returning guest at Tings Kathmandu) not only  praises Tings Kathmandu’s interior, ambiance, art and food. He also highlights our involvement in various projects and causes (we never promote ourselves with that) and Annette’s Tings Ting designs.


The management – and partners – Tings Kathmandu (by Stephen Freiheit)


Just in case: Tings never pays for coverage or exchange rooms for media exposure.

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