This is NOT an April joke: Groupe ADP to modernise and extend Kathmandu International Airport

This is the funniest news we have read today

airport-business-logoADP Ingénierie, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Groupe ADP, is upgrading and extending Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

The new terminal development, to be completed by 2021, will increase the airport’s capacity to 12 million passengers.

The extension work is part of a major reconstruction program, resulting partly from the earthquake that ravaged the Nepalese capital in April 2015. ADP Ingénierie is designing a new international terminal with a capacity of 7.5 million passengers, as well as an adjoining VIP terminal (the current international terminal will be converted into a domestic terminal); the premises required to house apron equipment and the airport’s energy supply; and maintenance hangars for Nepal Airlines and the Nepalese Air Force.

Read the story on Airport Business here


95,000 new sqm – beautiful with its curves following the mountains in the background. 200 meter away its chaos with trashed cars and trucks, wild cows, people sleeping in the streets, monkeys from the Golf Course next door, smoke from the burning of the dead bodies at Pashupatinath and the open stinking sewer aka The holy Baghmati River. Keep on dreaming

Tribhuvan International Airport is the worst airport we’ve ever been to.

Its dirty, the service is lousy, there are not restaurants or cafes worth mentioning, the business lounge is a joke and the handling is chaotic.

So it would be a miracle wit a new international airport – especially if all people working there will be changed at the same time.

BUT – it will never happen at least not for 2021.

There are too many bureaucrats in Nepal and the corruption is too crazy to make a project like a new airport come true.


7,5 million passengers?

Are we the only ones that remember Nepal Tourism Year in 2011?

The whole country went nuts to cash in from the 1,000,000 tourists everybody – except for us – expected to come.

The total number of arrivals to Nepal never passed 800,000 (600,000 of them by air) – the largest number ever in Nepal. Nobody cared about the 1 million when the numbers (and the fiasco) were official at the end of 2012.

So forecasting 7,5 million travelers is 12 -13 times the best year ever is the same as dreaming.

And if the dream comes true it will be a disaster. Kathmandu’s infrastructure will collapse unless all roads are widened again – a project all of us living in Kathmandu know about – and too well. It took 3 years to widen Lazimpat Road – and the Kathmandu road widening project that started up 4 years ago is still far from finished.

Anyway – to those involved – Kathmandu needs a new airport, but as the situation is now: Dream On

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