Our guest says we have the best burger in Nepal

“Best burgers in Nepal!”

By any measure do yourself and your family a favour and visit Tings Tea Lounge on a Saturday morning and you will experience the best burger experience in the country.

Read the whole TripAdvisor review here


We don’t know if that’s true or not.

But we do our out-most to make our burger as good as possible – and as close to the burger we love ourselves. No eggs, pineapples and other fancy interpretations of the American classic.


We all know how a good burger looks. So here is a photo of Sanjeet making mayonnaise 🙂

The buns are home baked, the meat is sirloin (buff) we buy fresh early in the morning and mince ourselves in our own (and clean) mincer, we pickle our own cucumber (own recipe), the tomato and lettuce is as fresh as possible and the onions are chopped (NOT RINGS) to ‘distribute’ the taste in each bite. The cheese is matured for month before we serve it to get the taste as rich as possible.The mayonnaise is homemade – with or without garlic.

The only thing we don’t make ourselves is the ketchup – we leave that to Heinz 🙂

We like our own burger – otherwise we wouldn’t sell it. But whether it’s the best in Nepal or not we can’t tell. We leave that judgement to our guests.


Once one of our guest complained about the taste – it wasn’t the same as the ones he eats (and likes) in one of the popular restaurants in Thamel.  

When we went there and checked it out it turned out that the burger was made from minced chicken – or something else that has nothing to do with the meat you use in a Classic Burger.


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