A word from a VERY HAPPY guest to our FANTASTIC STAFF

20150426_095449 header


Sitting in the Lounge in Lisbon Airport on the way home to Kathmandu to celebrate our traditional X-Mas blast at Tings

As always I go through the mails we have received – most of them the usual stuff. Or it looks like the usual stuff.

My eyes fall on a subject saying: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…

I clicked and got this mail…

Annette and Dorjee,

I have been so absolutely impressed with this place and your team.
I don’t know how to thank you enough for making this time so special for us.
We hope to come back often. ……
In case you don’t know. During the last months Kathmandu has been a nightmare to run a place like Tings where we want to maintain our basic BUT ambitious level. Since September India has put an embargo on petrol, gas, medical supplies etc to Nepal, creating huge problems for people all over the country.
For us at Tings – as for most people – the biggest problem has been the lack of gas for cooking. We have managed at Tings by using the gas we normally use for the heaters in the rooms, by cutting down on the most gas-consuming items of the menu, by saving in every possible ways, and by cooking over open fire.
The ‘costs’ have been the lack of heating in the rooms, but we have tried to compensate for that by adding a stove for firewood in the lounge. (And we are bringing more down/feather duvets with us from Europe.)
Anyway – despite this difficult situation – our fantastic staff has managed to give our guests a special time – so special, that they want to come back.
We are proud and happy.
Annette and Thomas

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