UPDATED: Congrats to Rune Thorsteinsson Global Compositions award

Global Compositions gets Super review in the Danish Press

***** Sådan rejser man som en moderne Dumbo ud i den store verden, hvor det er ørerne, der skal foldes ud, hvis det skal bære hele vejen hjem. Kim Skotte, Politiken, 30. November, 2015

****** Mine kollegaer så rigtigt. Et mesterligt værk er undfanget. Nu ved I, at jeg også ved det. Torben Holleufer, Gaffa, 22. November 2015



Congrats to Rune Thorsteinsson for his Danish Music Award he received Saturday for Global Compositions Project that brought him to Tings in Kathmandu back in 2011.


Better later than never.

Saturday Rune Thorsteinsson was awarded for his Global Compositions project that brought him to Tings back in 2011 and was released in August 2014.

It must be a big achievement for Rune personnally to get the recognition for a project he started up almost 5 years ago and was released back in August 2014.

But not only to him. The whole world music genre derserves the award. Global Compositions shows the scene’s diversity – that it is so much more than Reggae…

And more important.

Global Compositions shows that it is not only possible to cross borders without killing each other.

It also shows that inspite of (or because of?) different cultures, different living conditions, different religions, different colors, sexes & ages it is possible to exist & create and to play & have fun. You just need mutual respect, curiousity and determination.


Tings Tea Lounge Hotel has been a perfect start on my stay in Nepal. A cozy little oasis with a friendly atmosphere, Internet connection and an owner with good connections in the musical setting. Thomas has taken me on the morning hiking and visit the monastery in Kathmandu, and he also arranged for me a contact with – among others – . Mariano, Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory of leather.
Rune Thorsteinsson on his 1st blog post 16 August 2011


It has been a big priviliged for us to have being able to follow Global Compositions since its start. Not only because we love music from all over the world. But the core idea – to create and record in all continents – is right up our traveling alley.

We have travelled for ages, been everywhere, seen more than most people dream of seing. Still – after meeting people like Rune and following his project grow and bloom on his blog, Youtube and Soundcloud we can’t waIt to get back on the road. It gives us the energy and curiosity to dive into differen cultures… right now in Lisbon. 



Shakespere once wrote: All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players… With Global Compositions Rune and his body copmosed it 🙂

Thank you for the music and thank you for living out my dream…

Thomas, Graca/Lisboa



Click on the picture if you want to buy Global Compositions


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