From Lisbon around the world in 2 hours

Sitting on a bench in Rossio waiting for our British friend arriving from UK.

Martin from Copenhagen on Messenger. My friend Carla from Mexico is in Lisbon – you should meet.

While gossiping with Vivienne in a cafe on Rossio a guy stops at our table… You guys are from Kathmandu?

I instantly recognized the smiling face: Hi Javier!

Annette was alomost falling down the chair.

I usually NEVER remember names.

Still I recognized Javier who is from Argentina but lives in Miami. He visited Tings in Kathmandu for only 1 day together with Enikő Hámori from Hungary back in 2011.

While Javier told us about his life and especially his Amigos Near Foundation a souvenir pusher stops at our table and hands over all his accessories.


The Souvenir Pusher: Sir – help my family in Senegal
ME: I love Senegal… Kafountine & Cap Skirring are my favorit beaches. The best in the world. And I love the music…. stayed a couple of days in Zuiguinchor
The Souvenir Pusher: Oh Sir – thats my town – please have this present. We’re friends.

This morning I woke up with an Afro bracelet on my right arm and this post from Javier on my Facebook Timeline

2015| Lisbon, Portugal. This is a danish couple. That owns a very nice boutique hotel that i stayed in 2011 in Katmandu, Nepal. And just saw them having wine on the road in Lisbon. Great to see you again Amigos!

Javier Maudet Aci

Javier during in Kathmandu during Holi 2011


The more we travel – the bigger the World gets. Still ist so small.

Love traveling life…




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