Today Tings delivered food for 200 guests at The Danish Embassy


HRH Crown Prince Frederik – aka Pingo – in Lamjung yesterday. Click to read the story in The Himalayan Times

HRH Crown prince Frederik is in town!

Why mention this on our blog?

Relevant question!

The thing is – while the whole world knows about his visit (at least in Nepal and in Denmark) only a few know who made the food for the reception held for him at the Danis Embassy today.

We did – or Tings did.

When we work with local art & artist we never focus on their nationality.

The only thing that matters to us is talent, motivation, hard work and humor. If they are not as talented (or better) as their fellow artists from all over the world, they will never make it on their own.

Same with our kitchen. If they cannot make a Non Nepalese Menu – as the one they delivered today – as good as any other kitchen in town (Nepalese or Foreign) they will not get more orders.

10 month ago Tings got the first big catering – for 300 guests at the Danish Embassy. We have had requests before, but that was the first time Dorjee, Jit and the rest of Tings felt they were ready to perform and deliver without our presense… (we were in Europe)

A couple of hours ago Tings served the menu below for 200 guests at the Danish Embassy. They wanted Tings to repeat the success. At the moment we (Thomas and Annette) are in Lisbon working on Tings 2 – so we were not present. But guests at the Embassy told us the food was excellent.

We are so proud of Suza, Rajev, Urmilla, Gita, Sareta, Mithun, Sagar, Dorje, Sanjet, Sabena, Jit and Aman (good to see you) and the 2 other friends that gave a helping hand.

Lots of love from Lisbon

Annette & Thomas


Pasta salad (Veg)

Banko salad (Vegetarian)
Bulgarian Type of Salad named after a Braumeister from Carlsberg

Chick Pea Salad (Vegan)

Mini Calzone (Vegetarian)

Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Vegetarian)

Maki rolls (Vegean/Vegetarian)

Chicken satay

Tings Green Hummus w. toast (Vegetarian)

Confit de chicken
(sorry  – you don’t get Canard in Nepal and we don’t trust frozen ducks)

Rillette de wild boar
(our own variation of another French Classic)

BBQ (vegan stick)

Home made Bread
(All baked today and plenty – as always)

Coco Macarones

12049411_1029420533768789_1236822108912649915_n 12049142_1029420547102121_6391373695244643899_n 11204444_1029420570435452_5785188561012689182_n

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