Why have we never made this one before?

We need a few new items for our private dinner tonight. Annette’s macarons are new born classics. The kitchen insists on serving them.

So I feel I have to come up with a small item too. After all – its me that loves to cook.

Yesterday night I had a very delicious beer – a beer we have missed for 2-3 years and a beer that needs a little something at the side.

I wont tell what beer it is until I get a delivery later today. But the side dish is not a secret. Again another of those stupid dishes that a blind chef can make, a dish that costs nothing ánd (most important) a dish most people love: Pimientos de Padrón


Pimientos de Padrón is the second item that reach our kitchen from lisbon.

The last 6 month we have only served olives from Portugal – what a privileged it is to be able to use Southern European ingredients that tastes of sun, passion and fine herbs. 

Pimientos de Padrón is the second item we bring from Lisbon.

OK – the peppers are not exactly the same. BUT they have something else that I personally like a lot. A little more character to its sweet taste.

The dish is perfect with a beer, a glass of cold wine, as a side dish or as a topping in a sandwich.

If the dish will reach the menu depends on our Portuguese friends that visit us tonight. If they approve them we will serve them form next week.




I strongly recommend food lovers to visit the whole sale market in Kalanki. Not only do you get Items you usually can’t find i normal shops. The items you find are TOP quality and at ridiculously low prices. 2 kg peppers cost 80 NRP. But you have to be there before 8 am


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