Next stop Tings Lisbon – to be opened in 2016 :-)


Have a look at this picture. Guess you all know what it is?

It’s a lot of olives.

To be more precise it’s 3 kg of the best Portuguese olives you can get.

Olives we bought the day before yesterday to bring back to Tings, where the kitchen will use them in our salads, in our tapas and other dishes of Tings Tea Lounge’s menu.

Tings Lisbon - the house in Rua Senhora do Monte

To us the olives are much more than just olives.

The olives represent the next Tings that we expect to open in 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal.

1st of August we received the keys to the most fantastic house in Rua Senhora Do Monte 37 – 43 in Graça in Lisbon.  

Two old protected buildings that we will renovate and reconstruct and turn into Tings Lisbon with 14 – 16 rooms, Lounge, Gallery and a small shop and the most charming garden/yard. All in the most charming locations in Lisbon – in walking distance to all attractions in one of the most happening cities in Europe right now.


What do olives have to do with that?

To us the olives represent all the things we have worked for since we opened Tings in Kathmandu in 2011. The possibilities of exchanging cultures between 2 – or more – Tings.

Now it will not only be possible to us to bring Portuguese olives, Port Wine, Tinned Sardines and other delicacies you can’t get in Nepal to Kathmandu and sell to our guests it at Tings to very reasonable prices. And spices, lentils, handy crafts and other Nepalese specialities the other way.

With a Tings in Kathmandu and a Tings in Lisbon we now also have the possibilities to exchange cultures, talent and ideas.

Tings Lisbon Logo clear High Res

The olives represent an important part of our vision.

To start up more Tings places, where we can exchange the knowledge and experience we we get through our work. And more important to exploit the young talent that is part of our life.

The exchange we’re thinking about has nothing to do with people from the so called developed West telling people from the so called Developing East what to do and and how to do things.

In our case it will actually be the opposite.

Our future Portuguese staff will get their introduction, knowledge and insight from Kathmandu Nepal. The knowledge and experience Dorje, Jit, Sagar, Mithun, Sanjev, Rajev, Suza, Sabina, Giita, Sarita, Urmilla have is something they will pass on to their Portuguese colleagues in a much better an more credible way than we can. Either by bringing people from Lisbon to Kathmandu or the opposite or both.

Finally the olives also represents new possibilities of culture exchange.

While we have been in Portugal, Aditya Aryal has been touring the European Art scene.


This tour is the culmination of our more than 5 years involvement in the Kathmandu art scene. Our Art@Tings set-up now works as a small window to the professional European art scene. A window we have used to attract the attention to the Nepalese talent we have worked with. Talent that has nothing to do with art-charity and the usual developing crap that always labels the Nepalese artists and their work.

Aditya did not get his invitation to Europe because of poverty, earthquake or Maoists. He got it because his art and talent qualified him to be one of the 10 artists from around the world that was chosen to be part of the 5th Viborg International Billboard Festival

Once we get settled in Lisbon, Tings will have a European stronghold to work from – a platform from where we can present more Nepalese talent. But also a platform from where we can bring European talent to Kathmandu.

We are almost 100% sure that within in the first year, we will have an exhibition with Nepalese art – and music from Kathmandu is also something we dream about.

God art have no borders.

One important thing.

It’s very important to us that the world knows that we’re not leaving Nepal.

Our home is in Kathmandu where we have our kids and family. The last months have been difficult for us – if it wasn’t for the incredible amount of work that have kept us busy 27-7, our longing for Dorje and her staff would have been unbearable.

But Lisbon will also be our home.

Our passion and energy is too big to limit to one project. We need challenges and inspiration. And since before we left Copenhagen in 2009 it has been our plan to start up several Tings.

We wrote down 5 places in our original business plan. Whether we’ll reach that number we don’t know. Right know and the next couple of years our focus will be Tings Kathmandu and Tings Lisbon.

What a privilege it is to have a staff that allow us continue our project.

Come by and taste the olives and say hello.

Unconditional Love
Annette & Thomas



Are you curious about Lisbon or do you want to get an insight in start uppers life in a new environment, Thomas will blog about the project on

Those of you who remember when we started up in Kathmandu, know that it wont be boring.

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2 thoughts on “Next stop Tings Lisbon – to be opened in 2016 :-)

  1. Dear annette and thomas – congratulations so happy for you and your new project – all the best wishes see u in Kathmandu or Lisbon next year. All our love Morten and Karin Copenhagen 🙂


    1. Thank you much!!!
      Sorry for this late reply. But we’ve buried in work and appointments…
      Looking forward to a glass of Vino Verde in Lisbon… soon.

      Annette & Thomas


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