It rains – and we’re very busy!

It rains and we love it

And NO its NOT because we relax.

We use the heavy showers as a welcoming occasion to renovate and shine up Tings.

The Lounge just got a new floor…

Renovation Tings Lounge Finished

… so has the kitchen.

And to all of you who may think: Why do they spend money on that. The kitchen is not a public place…

Well… if you have cooked yourself you know that the food tastes better if you had fun and joy cooking it. Part of the joy comes from nice surroundings.

And a nice and good looking floor is a crucial part of the surroundings.

That’s why we spend time and money on keeping the kitchen nice.    

Renovation Kitchen Floor Finished

Outdoor painting does not need any explanation – if you have visited Nepal during the monsoon you know how powerful the rain is – and how much damage it does to buildings.

Renovation Out door Painting 2

We paint the walls once per year in average.

And in order to get the white contrast to all the colors in the garden when all our flowers bloom once the rain stops wee need to paint now.  Renovation Out door Painting 1

So NO the monsoon does not mean that we’re relaxing… remember – we also have to take care of all our guests.


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