Yesterday we opened our new exhibition: Something-Anything-Nothing by Sudeep Balla & Shraddha Shrestha


What on Earth do you guys get out of this – you spend so much time and money on it? Why do you do this?

The question came from a guest who stays with us.

We do it because we can, we do it because we believe in people – that bringing different cultures, generations, sex, occupations together build bridges, inspire and create new friend ships. And sometimes even new business.
Shraddha Shrestha Celebrating


More than 300 ART LOVERS came and made the opening one to remember – Overwhelming!

Artists, students, musicians, models, CEO’s, photographers, cheese producers, children, restaurant owners, nerds, start-uppers, hackers, hippies, travelers, bohemians, bankers, gays, lesbians, straights, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, atheists, neighbours, teachers, journalists, sports freaks, nationalists and red, brown, yellow, black and white people from more than 50 countries.

All talking, laughing, sharing business cards, sipping cold drinks, enjoying art, kissing, chilling, dancing or just enjoying the present.

I am 100 % convinced that the power from so much love was the reason behind the good weather we had. While Kathmandu was flooded – we only had 1 minute of very light & refreshing drops of rain.

So to answer the question: Do we need more reasons to do what we do?

We don’t!

BUT the main reason behind our Art@Tings events are to support talent – like we support Sudeep’s and Shraddha’s and other young people we believe in. And we want to show Kathmandu that its possible not only to make events like ours without involvement from embassies & organisations but also to reach a crowd that is not only interested in art – but also buys it.

That’s why we do what we do!



One more thing

Yes – we spend a lot of time. And yes it cost us some money.

But not a lot. After having been surrounded by sad things for more than two months it felt like nothing compared to he relief it has been to work with art.

To be totally honest – we’re fed up with the Earthquake. You can’t open a paper without reading about it, you can’t go to an event without donating and/or supporting. You can’t go to an art exhibition, go to a dinner, go to a concert or go to any kind of social gathering without getting reminded about the disaster.

If this continue the Earthquake gets its will – it will conquer life – not the life as opposed to death. But life as in fun, creativity, joy, love and music.

It’s just too much.

A year ago we decided to put our Art@Tings events at Tings Tea Lounge on hold. But we really felt like using the premises again. It’s a perfect place to bring back joy and fun and give the F*** finger to disasters.

The best thing we could come way to change the situation was to fill our place with art and music – each of them are much stronger and longer lasting than even the biggest Earthquake. And the best ‘forces’ in this field in our opinion are Sudeep and Shraddha.

I called them and told them how I felt and asked if they would like to play art… that was the words I used…:-)

They were – and they invited Tshering – aka DJ GnirehsT – to the join party. What a circus of creativity 🙂

We weren’t sure what would happen at the opening. And we didn’t know what would decorate our walls.

But we were 100% sure that this team would come up with something that would wipe away all EQ traumas for a couple of hours. No matter what – anything would be better than what has happened on the ‘fun’ scene the last many weeks: Absolutely nothing!

Our opening last night showed that we we’re right.

You are fantastic!



Sudeep Balla (left) with Hitman Gurung


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