Greetings from Thailand!

First of all – lots of greetings from Thailand to friends, guests and fellow travellers from all over the world

Our traveling plans have been changed. Our intention was to go directly from Koh Phayam -where we had a week New Years holiday – to Lisbon. But our plans in Europe has been postponed.

So for the first time since God knows when we have time for ourselves.

Instead of returning to Kathmandu we’ve decided to stay in Thailand and spend some time on things we usually never find the time to do. We have rented a small, traditional house in Chiang Mai for 10 days.

My Chiang Mai Office

My Chiang May Office

I want to take cooking lessons to get inspiration for new dishes for Tings Tea Lounge. Annette wants to practice her yoga and meditation.

And we both have things that we’ve filed in the ‘To Do’ folder that just grows bigger and bigger because To Do is just another label for Bad Conscience.

Like the thousands of photos I’ve taking the last ??? years that need to get organised.

So now that I am in here I’ve started to sort out our Thailand photos. That’s how I just found out that we’ve traveled to Thailand around 50 times since 1994… FIFTY!

Still I won’t say that we are specialists.

We haven’t really been anywhere except for Bangkok – AND to most of the beaches and Islands that exists – two things we know a lot about.

So what is our favourite beach?

If we have all the time in the world – our favourite beach is Ngwe Saung. The closet you get to the perfect Bounty beach with its crystal clear water, white powder sand, palm trees

If we only have a few days, Koh Kood tops our list. Its very easy to acces from Bangkok and still so far away that its not run down by mass tourism. And it has bounty beaches.

And if we only have a a night or two Koh Samed – even closer to Bangkok – has some beaches we like.

What I’m trying to say is that ones favourite beach is individual – it depends on your preferences, the situation and etc.

If you take our favourite beach Ngwe Saung. You have many km of  bounty beach, but the food there sucks – sorry, but if you like food and you know all the possibilities you have from the sea right in front of you, it’s really, really bad. And there are NO (or very few) of the chill out bars you know from Thailand and Malaysia. And the whole beach front is getting destroyed by ugly architecture like the new Ngwe Saung Yact Club & Marina.

And whether you stay on Bay of Bengal or one of the cheaper options the quality is so far from the quality to get in Thailand – and prices much higher. So we always recommend friends who want to combine a travel to Myanmar with days at the beaches to combine the trip with some days in Thailand. In most situations you get more time, more comfort, more quality for less money even though you have extra costs flying with Air Asia, NokAir or one of the other low budget flights.

If you – like us – can live with the bad food, are willing to pay extra for your accomodation and don’t mind the hassle getting there Ngwe Saung in Myanmar has the best beaches in the world. Still…


Koh Phayam is a good alternative to Ngwe Saung

After we’ve been to Koh Phayam we have realised that you almost get the ‘same’ water as you do at Ngwe Saung. Koh Phayam is not in the Bay of Bengal as Ngwe Saung is. But it shares the same sea – The Andaman Sea – as Myiek (Myanmar) that has the clearest water in the world.

The Island is only 30 minutes boat ride from Myanmar or only 30 minutes by boat from Ranong which is where all the Visa Runners spend some days due to its proximity to the Burmese border.

2015-01-09 11.48.19 copy


Not only is the water fantastic on Koh Phayam. So is the whole ambiance

Because of the Koh Phayam’s inaccessibility there are only individual travellers. And only the kind of travellers who wants to make an extra effort to find the perfect spot.

You can fly to Ranong with NokAir and from there take a taxi the 25 km to the pier and then the boat. But most travellers either take the 10 hour bus ride from Bangkok, the pricier shuttle bus to the Airport or the even more pricier Taxi (4,000 Bath).

Koh Phayam is only 5 km wide and 5 km long – with 4 perfect bays where you can either choose to stay or reach from wherever you want to stay on the island.

There are no cars – you rent a bike, a MC or walk – so bring your kids 🙂



Opposite all of the other Islands in we have been to in Thailand the whole Island is beautiful

When you go from beach to beach on Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Chang, Koh Lipe, Koh Lanta etc you find yourself in places you don’t want to stay – construction sites, junk yards, power plants or just nothingness.

On Koh Phayam the roads take you through small green valleys with colourful flowers and butterflies, along tiny rivers and through small villages with restaurants, shops & backpacker resorts that offer accommodation as cheap as 100 Bath. You even find a few vegetarian restaurants with home baked bread and vegan dishes on the menu.

If you’re dreaming of the Robinson Crusoe island with out electricity, internet and hot water – DREAM ON. They don’t exist anymore. If you have a TRUE sim card you can get online everywhere and 24/7, all guesthouses & restaurants has a generator and nobody needs hot water 🙂

Again, it’s not possible to recommend the perfect beach. It’s an individual thing. So please don’t ask os about where to go if you want some day on the best beach in the world 🙂

BUT DO MAIL US if you want some recommendations based on our experiences. If you like Tings, there is a pretty good chance that you like some of the places we enjoy.

AND DO MAIL US if you find the perfect beach – we are always curious and always looking for new places to go.





Music is an important part of my life. And and important dimension to my perfect holiday. This playlist by Kenneth Bager – aka Dr Baker – is the perfect soundtrack to Koh Phayam. But I got it in my Soundcloud Stream yesterday.

And its for free down load. So don’t be shy!


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