Xmas week at Tings

First of all – Merry Christmas!

A lot of love and greetings to all you travellers out there who have stayed with us, all our guests, friends & supporters.

AND ESPECIALLY to Dorje, Jit, Sagar, Sanjit, Suja, Bajej, Githa, Umilla, Shamilla, Mithun, Bijay as well as Thuny who just joined us. You and your lovely families mean everything to us.

We have a lot of friends around the world that follow us online, and get lots of comments and questions about our life here in Kathmandu.  So instead of writing the usual story about high-lights at Tings in 2014 we made a picture documentation of the last 7 days to give you a feel of it (keep the cursor on the picture to get text comments).

Saturday the 20th we arranged a very spontaneous staff party

Staff Party 1

Staff Party 2



the Preparations

Sovs 1







Xmas decoration (3)

Julegaver (5)


Christmas Eve

Xmas eve (1)

Xmas eve (12)

Xmas eve (8)

Xmas eve (6)


The following day we celebrated Christmas with all our kids from Kikis




38 for dinner on Christmas Eve and 25 for lunch the following day – and still too much food 🙂



See you next year!


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