You can’t imagine how much this post means to us!



To us it has been reality for more than a year. But NOW it is official.

Dorje Dolma – Tings Manager, our daughter & friend – is now ofFicially our partner!

We only involve young boys and girls with talent, attitude & potential. And while they work for us, we encourage them to persue their dream and to exploit their potential – with us or somewhere else.

We don’t know if Dorje dreamt of becoming a manager in a place like Tings. But we know her potential – and it’s huge!

After having worked for more that 25 years in the international business world, trust us: She is one of the most talented girls we’ve ever worked with!

So it was a very easy decision for us, when we asked her to become our partner.

Thank you Dorje for letting us be a part of your life.

Love to you and your family from Copenhagen –

It calls for a celebration – please give drinks to all our hotel staff and guests.

Annette & Thomas

2014-10-10 21.12.56

2 thoughts on “You can’t imagine how much this post means to us!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Dear Dorje, Thomas and Annette for a very special partnership in live and business – I met the TINGS family last year that time and still think of the wonderful time i´ve spent with the whole TING crew – I felt like home far away from home and won´t stay somewhere else when I´m in Kathmandu again – I would love to celebrate together with you – Greetings from Munich/Germany – Marion


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