Sitting in Copenhagen reading new reviews of Tings in Kathmandu

Burger 1

It makes us so proud to read about our team and ‘family’s’ achievements

Just woke up to this message…

Morning tings,
Myself and two friends stayed with you last week before moving on to Pokhara. We land back in kathmandu this morning, and as our flight back to Hong Kong is later this evening, would it be possible for us to spend some time at tings today – have lunch and leave our bags with you for a few hours?


Of course they can stay

… and as long as they want.

It actually makes us very happy when people like our place so much that they want to spend their time relaxing in the lounge or in our garden. Tings is created it for that.

And the mail pleases us even more because of this incident:

The day before we left Kathmandu for Europe a couple left Tings – they didn’t like the smell of home baked bread from the kitchen.

Very strange and very confusing. But at the same time a good occasion for us to stop and think for a minut or two:

Are we doing something wrong? Or was it the guests who were wrong? 

We are not – and they were not.

The incident just proves that what we tell our staff at Tings is right: You can’t please them all.

We don’t know what they teach the kids at the hotel management colleges. But we focus on what we want Tings to be and what we’re good at! That includes treating our guests nicely and making their stay as comfortable as possible and NOT doing what we know we either can’t or wont.

So the mail above and the 3 reviews that Dorje, Mithun, Jit, Sanjit, Gita, Urmilla, Shamilla, Aman, Bijay, Susa & Bajej just got below mean a lot to us.

They prove that the casual and relaxed ambiance we try to create is the right approach for us. That includes – amongst others – the smell of homebaked bread, our music, our cats, our art, our flowers & our love.


Annette & Thomas


I stayed at Tings for a few days before heading to Langtang valley. It was a great little oasis away from the craziness of Kathmandu, and was filled with nice areas to chill, read (lots of books as well) as well as good internet connection. The staff were really nice as well.
Doogs Gordon, London


The complimentary breakfast (the homemade bread is to die for!) was a lovely inclusion in the room tariff. We loved it so much that we returned for another nights stay upon our departure from Nepal.
Kellie, Melbourne, Australia

20140903_100347 (3)

They had these little pizza bite things on the menu (like bite sized little squares of pizza with herbs and stuff on them) and they were to die for. I immediately ordered another plate. I also liked sitting on the couches, drinking tea and reading my book while a friendly kitty would come and curl up on me
Lazy Rose, Canada

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