Global Compositions: From Tings in Kathmandu around the world

Tings Tea Lounge Hotel has been a perfect start on my stay in Nepal. A cozy little oasis with a friendly atmosphere, Internet connection and an owner with good connections in the musical setting.
Rune Thorsteinsson on his 1st blog post


In July 2011 Rune Thorsteinsson stayed with us for a week.

Kathmandu was Rune’s first destination on his fantastic world music project: Global Compositions. His idea was to stay 3 weeks in 7 parts of the world – each with its own musical culture – and compose & record new music with local musicians.

During his stays Rune updated the world about the progress with short documentaries he shot, edited and uploaded while being on the road.

This one is the first he did


Its a big achievement for us to follow a very ambitious project like Global Compositions. Especially when the adventure is kicked off Kathmandu at Tings,
Thomas in his diary August, 2011


We love global compositions and have followed it’s progress since the start.

The way Rune has invited the outside world to follow him and his music around the world is a big inspiration to us. Its a rare occasion to get a small glimpse in other peoples dreams.

So its a big thrill for us to know that the project will be released tomorrow at LitraturHaus in Copenhagen where Rune and band will play live and present his CD.

If you want to read more about the project click below and follow the links above.

 [EasyGallery key=’58’]

All of us at Tings wish Rune all the best and are looking forward to hearing the music.

Good Luck!

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