One more reason to stay in Lazimpat: Mitini Cafe & Shop

Usually this kind of place is not my style. I like a little more ‘noise’ – or environmental & relaxing sounds. But the very quiet ambiance at Cafe Mitini yesterday was perfect for my meeting.

Mitini is the perfect spot if you need to concentrate.

If you need to focus and concentrate on your work and can’t find piece at your office, if you need to meet someone and don’t want to get recognized or if you want a quiet tête-à-tête with the love of your life its very difficult to find a place to go in Kathmandu.


We have been cruising around Thamel the last days to find relaxed spots to lunch. NOT possible. Just to find a place to get a light  & healthy lunch in international standards is difficult.

Yesterday my friend suggested Mitini for our meeting – he uses it for his is office for the reasons mentioned above. And it has all the things Annette and I need when we want to get away for an hour or two.

A small and inspiring menu with light meals, a good selection of coffee (including Hand-dripped coffee), teas and various lemonade and shakes.

All is homemade 🙂



Of course I felt a little stupid to get introduced to this place by a friend – its in our backyard five minutes from Tings Gate – but on the other hand – we have been traveling a lot the last two years.

For foreigners living in Lazimpat Mitini is a must!


(went there for the first time Saturday 23 July)


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