To most people it looks like a small residential house turned into a small hotel

It is! But we try to make it a lot more.

If you are curious and want to know how we worked – and work – with Tings click on the picture and see our thoughts and ideas behind Tings explained in a few strategic tools.

We are both marketing people. We do not make hotels. We create universes

Right from our first thoughts and ideas Tings was the platform from where we could work with all the other projects that we knew would grow from Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel.

So to us it is not a surprise to have Art@Tings, TingsTing, Play Food and hopefully one more Tings Hotel in another Country.

Tings Concept Platform: Or the reasons why we do what we do

It took us months to get all our ideas and visions out of our heads & hearts. The challenge was to express our thoughts & ideas in ways that are easy to explain, easy to understand and easy to use.

The Concept Platform is the extract of loads of pages with words & pictures from years of research all over the world. It describes the basic qualities of Tings, Tings values, Tings personality and finally Tings core essence or Tings explained as simple as possible.

When people ask us what Tings is we tell them them – without blinking: An Inciting Oasis!

The 4 key elements – or tools – we work with in order to make Tings the place we have in mind are: Attitude + (Relaxed) Convenience + Consideration + (Exchanging) Ambiance = Inciting Oasis.

Inciting Oasis?

What do you mean?

We know – the combination of these two words may sound strange. But Tings is an Oasis – a refuge away from the hustle, to relax and recharge, fulfill the travelers needs – and meet other people. And a place where we encourage to exchange ideas and experiences despite races, cultures sex, religions, political observations etc. So our guests leave refreshed and inspired. And return ….. 😉

In case you think: Do they really use this?

We do – and every day. And so do our staff.

Sorry for taking your time

But we get a lot of questions about Tings. From friends, from guests and from people we ‘just’ meet. Surprisingly there are people out there who are interested in our marketing and business background.

If you’re not among them – just enjoy 🙂


Annette & Thomas

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