Tings Tea Lounge is not a restaurant – but we do serve food!

Our dishes are just different  from Nepali food (we don’t want to compete with all the good Nepali restaurants around the corner, that’s why 🙂

Our food is world food – inspired by our travels around the world and  based on ingredients available locally.

Everything is fresh and purified and except for a few classics like Heinz, Kikkoman etc, we make everything ourselves.

Most dishes are served with green salad and home baked bread and combined they will satisfy most hungers.

Read about our food here or better. Come by and try it.


About our bread

For some reason bread has become something special in Kathmandu. And something that costs a fortune.

We don’t get it.

Bread has been around since the beginning of time… Jesus served it at his last supper!

And its cheap and easy to make – it only takes flour, yeast water a lot of love and a couple of weeks practice.

So at Tings we do like in the western world. It’s served with most of our dishes – and its plenty.


Bon appetite!

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