Convenience & consideration sometimes conflicts

Convenience & consideration is very important to us

One of the core element in our idea behind Tings is to have comfort and sufficient convenience to – also – attract the business travelers who prefer a more relaxed place than the usual business hotels.

But we still want to run Tings with as much consideration as possible. One of the things we don’t use is a generator. It smells and makes a lot of noise. But worse – the existence of a generator creates stupid habits. You use to much water (you can always pump it up), you freeze down food (in the freezer you buy because the generator can back it up 24/7) and forget about the food and serve it too old…

But most travelers will never notice when we don’t get government electricity – power cuts sometimes happens 16-18 hours per day!

We have 24/7 hi speed WiFi from different providers distributed from 3 independent routers. So –  if the providers are up and running –  it’s possible to be online 24/7  on connections with sufficient speed to work. Not at the same speed as you might be used to at home, but the fastest you can get in Nepal.

We also have electricity 24/7!

but you can’t use hairdryers 🙂

Our back up is electricity from our batteries combined with low energy light bulbs, international wires (to reduce the electricity loss), solar heater for the water and a constant focus on our electricity consumption.

For the same reasons we don’t have a printer – instead we print out documents for our guests (and our own)  in one of the many web-shops around the corner.

Our combined solar & electrical water heaters guaranty hot water 24 hours pr day – BUT ONLY if all guest take considerate showers.  Still 2 % of the year we run out of hot water – that happens on the days when the sun doesn’t shine, too many guests take too long showers, and we don’t have enough electricity to heat up the water…  BUT if you are flexible its usually possible to take a hot shower later the same day.

We don’t have A/C – most travelers find it useless here in Kathmandu 1,500 m above the sea. But if you feel too hot, all rooms have low energy fans.

During the cold months

Tings is the warmest place in Kathmandu

We have gas heater everywhere – in the rooms and common areas. We recommend guests to warm up the room an hour before they go to bed, and in the morning. During the night most people find our Scandinavian down/feather duvets warm enough. If it isn’t – (and if you don’t have your lover to warm you up) you get one more 🙂

Long term travelers love our Guest Kitchen

Of course the guests have their own kitchen. It is in the hotel-guests-only common area on the top floor with a huge common dining/work table and the stove that warms up the whole roof top from December to February.

Kitchen may seem a little under equipped. But don’t worry – you get all the gear you need from the lounge kitchen – including  salt & pepper and an onion if you need that.

Tings will NEVER have conveniences at the same level as Hyatt and Radison – but we have a lot more 🙂



Annette & Thomas



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