Dear friends,

Many of you have asked how to help.

Since day#1 groups of rescue workers, foreigners and local entrepreneurs that have been working with rescue and relief, and we have supported.

Now we have stepped into the next phase: Rebuilding. You can read about what we have done, and what we are doing now here.

The more money we get in, the more people we can help. So please DONATE TO our ‘Support Nepal’ account. When you donate, write your name and amount in COMMENTS then we will transfer them to our local partner in Rebuil Nepal.

As always – we work for free. And only with people we trust.

Pay directly to our Support Account in Denmark:

Bank: Finansnetbanken

Branch of Jyske Bank, Vesterbrogade 9, DK-1780 Copenhagen

Account holder: Toga Care Aps
Account number: 6610    2860757
or IBAN DK0566100002860757

Annette, Thomas, Dorje & all at Tings


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