Are you ont the way to Tings – READ

Work In Progress

Dear Guest,

Things are a little chaotic at the moment. And will stay chaotic mots of the day. We have Imagine’s fantastic art every where – but soon it will hang on our wall’

The buzzing sound in the kitchen in due preparation for the opening tomorrow where we serve mini hot dogs med hele svineriet, Mini Calzones, Penne pesto (our parsley version) for snacks and the preparation for our summer cocktail Tings Mojito.

Bajej – our gardener – is pimping up our garden. We will receive our new outdoor wroth iron furniture and don’t be surprised if Imagine brings her cans and starts decorating the walls.


Everything is under control.

If you are here tomorrow you’ll witness a part of Tings most travelers won’t. The opening of one of our exhibitions.

YouCanImagineToo with works by Imagine is kicked off tomorrow with a small get2gether from 6 pm to 8 pm with free drinks and snacks and lovely people. On the house – like the following after party at Places…

At 9 pm – at the latest – all is quiet.

Looking forward.



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