Our friend and Poet Yuyutsu Sharma


Dear Thomas,

please see….  they are working on a book of ‘workshops’

Please ask the participants of our Poetry@Tings Workshop to send their work to the book.

We will carry photos of the workshop in the book



Currently a visiting poet at New York University, our friend and poet Yuyutsu Sharma is in The United States  where he teaches poetry,  reads poetry at various venues, writes poetry (hopefully) and conducts poetry workshops.

Through his workshops Yuyuy has inspired and encouraged thousands of upcoming poets and writers from all over the world – including 2 very successful ones we arranged with VENTZINE during our Poetry@Tings: Cosmic Music event back in October 2012.

Usually all of us deadly human beings never get a chance to see what comes out from these sessions…. But it look like this will change.

Read the following:

If you have had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with Yuyu or had the opportunity of attending this internationally renowned Himalayan Poet’s workshops, you are herein invited to submit to the upcoming  anthology, tentatively named,  Eternal Snow: An Anthology of Poems Originating from Yuyu’s Works, Readings and Workshops.

We personally would love to see the fruits from these sessions.

So If you participated in Yuyu’s workshop at Tings – or another place AND want to get readers to your poems please forward your works to Yuyu and his team (among the fellow poet David B. Austell who launched one of his books at our Poetry@Tings event with the first live poetry reading from New York) submit you works for consideration to

Kathleen D Gallagher  to

Read directions here.

This project expresses exactly what we dreamed of when we started our Tings visions.

To create an environment that stimulates and encourage free international travelers from all over the world to create and exchange across borders, nationalities, religions, sexes, eye colors etc…

Annette & Thomas

Poetry@Tings Himalayan Times

We have so many great memories

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