X-MAS DINNER STATUS: Our kitchen is on ‘fire’…. and the smell is good!

The preparation for our X-Mas dinner started 3 days ago.

The ‘project’ is progressing fast….

The starters

  • Our X-Mas version of Rillette de Pork is in the fridge. Jit made an excellent portion yesterday
  • So is our Danish X-Mas Classic: Svine Sylte (Pork in Gelly) spiced up with cloves, cinnamon & cardamom
  • For the vegetarians I made a Mushroom & Walnut pate.

Danish Sylte -  made the right way...


The Mains

  • Our Confit de Poulet is stored away and ready to take out in case we can’t get a Duck or a Turkey.
  • After an hours pannick – I found a butcher that can make the right cutting for our Pork Roast and make it ready to pick up tomorrow
  • The sauce is work in progress – we just got good bones for a rich stock

The pickles

  • Our Vanilla/Ginger pickled Pumpin is finished
  • Our Classic pickled Beet Roots are finished
  • Our Dild pickled Cucumber will be finished in a couple of hours

The desserts

  • We have decided to serve 3 cakes: 2 brand new recipes that Jit picked up in Copenhagen.
  • The cheeses are in the Fridge – we brought them in from Bangkok
  • … and then we serve ris a l’amande (we start up the initial preparations today (pealing and chopping the almonds)

The Bread

  • I will make the last Rye Bread today
  • The other two breads will be made on the day – again we’ll introduce e brand new bread from Jit’s internship in Copenhagen.
  • For the cheeses we have very delicate and crunchy Scandinavian Knaekbroed.

…. now we’re ‘only’ missing the pork roast & birds, the brown potatoes, the boiled potatoes, the red cabbage, the sauce, the Mulled Wine (for starter), the ris a l’amande, and the two salads – again a new fantastic pick from Copenhagen – one with blue cheese, pommes granate, carrots, lettuce and fresh herbs.


Love it




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