Travel to Myanmar #4 – About Money

June 2012: 10,000 Kyat notes are released

Thomas and Annette are the first foreigners to get the new Burmese 10,000 Kyat note in June 2012

In the old days – before June 2012 – the money situation was a nightmare. Credit Cards were useless and only brand new ironed 100 US$ were accepted. And worse – since the biggest notes were 1,000 Kyat and the best rates were in Yangon travelers needed an extra bag for their cash….


Still a lot of rumors circulating about the money situation in Myanmar.

The other day I saw a sign in a shop about FEC…. I didn’t know they still existed.

And every time I walk around Down Town Yangon I get very good offers from the hustlers in the blackt market who wants to change dollars…

No matter what the guide books say, or what other people tells you – when it comes to money: Travelling in Myanmar is exactly like traveling in almost all other countries. 

  • You have ATM’s everywhere 99% of all travelers will visit. The last 12 months we haven’t been to a city where they didn’t have an ATM – so travel with the credit cards you nomally use when you travel AND don’t carry all the ironed 100 $ the guide books tell u to carry.


IF you travel with US Dollars:

  • Don’t get tempted to exchange on the black  market – unless you want to challenge them 🙂
  • Remember: you get the best exchange rate in Yangon
  • DO NOT accept 1,000 Kyat notes. Insist on 10,000 Kyat Notes or at least 5,000 Kyat notes.


Travel to Myanmar

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