Most of us take traveling for granted… but to most people on this planet traveling is a dream that never comes through!

Jit’s getting ready to concur the world
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Jit arrived in Copenhagen 1 am today. After a travel even we – very experienced travelers – would find horrible.

It went wrong right from the start…. at 6 am Jit called us from the airport.

A bureaucratic asshole would NOT check him in. Hi wanted a print out of Jit’s invitation letter from his host and employer in Copenhagen: Claus Joergensen. The VU2 – as the invitation is called – is the document that gives you the visa – and it was on Jits tablet.

And the brand new visa was in his passport.

No matter what we tried to explain the bureaucratic authorities over the phone they wouldn’t let Jit in.

Thomas would had killed all of the corrupt bastards and end up in jail. So Annette had to take a Taxi to the airport to assist Jit. In the middle of her own packing and with a 7 am meeting with one of the factories that works on her Kashmir Shawls.

At the airport Annette managed to convince the guy at the check in counter to issue the boarding pass and let Jit leave.

God knows why – but Annette decided to assist Jit all the way to the immigration on the first floor.

If she hadn’t done that Jit would either have been ripped off to get in OR gotten a nervous break down.

The asshole at the immigration clearly understood that it was Jit’s first international travel and took advantages of the situation. He was not only an asshole. He was also a chauvinist as well. Unfortunately for him he misjudged Annette – he clearly didn’t know Annette’s ‘determination’ 🙂

So Jit got in and was on the plane 40 minutes later.


At 9:40 am we checked into the Business Lounge and met the friendly staff we know so well. We were exhausted by the mornings events….

And it’s a big day to day. The first take off of the new Turkish Airline – Istanbul connection. Have you seen the plane? 

These words came from our good friend while he pointed out the plane on the airfield.


The plane should have taken of more than an hour ago… and it was still here in Kathmandu hosting a reception for the press, ministers, bureaucratic assholes and other inferior and irrelevant persons… who obviously didn’t care about the passengers further travels

And an hour was exactly the time Jit had from his arrival in Istanbul to his connecting flight to Copenhagen.

To most first time travelers the mere thought of changing flights freaks them out. So imagine Jit stressed and late, in a Turkish airport, with language problems, no phone, not really understanding how to go online etc. Only to find our that his Copenhagen flight left 30 minutes before.

The grotesque thing: Jit’s plane was an hour delayed due to a strike in Copenhagen Airport…. had this strike been an hour longer Jit would have made it… instead he ended up alone in Istanbul Airport…. obviously not his lucky day.


To make a looong story short.

With Thomas stand by on viber/phone/skype in Bangkok and friend and travel guru Torsten “Metalstein” Hvas in Copenhagen online to his travel connections in Istanbul, and a very helpful staff at Turkish Airport Jit managed to get in touch with Claus in Copenhagen who explained his next steps.

Long Live The WWW

So it was a very tired Jit that arrived 27 hours after his take off from Kathmandu.

And 7 minutes ago I got a very happy Jit on Facbok: Hi thomas

A big relief to me and Annette.


We have a day off in Bangkok – NO PLANS!!!

We clearly haven’t understood what a big thing it is to travel. If we had maybe we would have prepared Jit’s travel differently. To us going to Yangon from Kathmandu is like taking a tempo on Lazimpat Road…

So if it wasn’t for our day of here in Bangkok whit time to reflect, read through diaries, go through FB (Thomas never reads FB – he only posts) – we probably wouldn’t have thought about it.

But a to huge majority of the people on this Planet to travel is something that doesn’t even exist as a dream. To most people its too expensive.

And even if people have the money getting the documents that allow them to leave their country is very hard to get.

Add to this all the struggle, bureaucracy and humiliation they have to go through to enter the Schengen’s Sacred Gardens

No wonder most people from countries like Nepal have to prepare in all ways… especially the religious ways.

Not only do they have to prepare for all the unforeseen an unknown struggles along the way… they also have to thank all the Gods for the way they bless our life with possibilities… The things we take for granted – things we forget is a privileged – things which is not possible to most people. Like Jit’s travel to Copenhagen. Something that is only is possible with a helping hand from Shiva/Ganesh or Buddha, Allah JC or the other helpers depending on where ….


Fortunately we remembered today.


/Thomas (and Annette) in Bangkok.


Our day off….


4 thoughts on “Most of us take traveling for granted… but to most people on this planet traveling is a dream that never comes through!

  1. I had the same situation some years ago, a Gamalan orchestra was on their way to Copenhagen (where i organized 6 shows and a recording session in the same studio where Michael learns To Rock recorded their albums), a friend of the Danish consul (not a dane a local) in Bali, tipped the corrupt police about a large group was on their way to Denmark. And yes their truck was waved to the side of the road by a police officer, that wanted quite a reward for meeting them continue their drive to the airport. Well has was not prepared for the former manager of Danish owned Damai hotel,was at the back of the bus. And told him that he would be advertised to the Northern Bali, as the person who was the sole reason for the trip did not happen.
    I will arrange for Cultural Shock treatment for Jit during his stay in Denmark. No Thomas, I will not take him to Denmark’s highest point 170 M, since I fear he will die of laughter 😉


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