4 weeks in Kathmandu…

After spending most of our time in Myanmar the last two years 4 weeks in Kathmandu is very unusual…

We (or Dorjee) have made two rooms, done a lot of other construction and maintenance, reorganized the kitchen because Jit is 90 days in Copenhagen on an internship in Claus’ kitchen. We jhave welcomed two new staff;s – Suza & Sanjit – we have said farewell to Baal (or see u again).

We have Partied with all our kids from Kiki’s Childrens Home, Annette has made and prepared a lot of new rings, prepared and started up all her Pashminas and other silk and Cashmere items for her upcoming trip to Europe, we have prepared and executed our most ambitious Art Project ever: ArtLab Life’s PRASAD, sold a lot of art.

Tings Team

From left to right: Rajkumar, Jit. Sagar, Sanjit, Dorjee, BiJay, Aman, Githa & Shamilla (Where is Barjej?)

We have introduced a few new items on our menu (our Saturday Burger) got a new Danish passport, new Visa for Myanmar, we got a new Kitten (Mickey – who looks like a mouse and LOVES cheese – hence the name), and Thomas has swum 1,000 meter every day {except from 3)

20130829_144220 (1)

Mickey loves art (and cheese)

We have had a LOT of dinners and a few parties and several nights out – just to get updated, and we have spend a lot of time with guests from all over the world – thank’s for the inspiration!

So we take day off in Bangkok before we return to Yangon tomorrow and start working again

… just read the reviews from August. Amazing… it has been monsoon, there has been a lot of construction, and art people around. Obviously guests like the ‘relaxed – but sometimes busy ambiance.


“An unique haven of peace and friendliness”


“3 nights”

The rest of the day I will finishing Joseph Anton, Salman Rushdie’s fantastic auto biography, sleep by the pool after swimming, eat fish and sea food at the market and listen to music.

What an August



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