We are so proud to be involved in this project….

Prasad@ Tings is onle a small element og the whole Prasad Project. We have made a website where we update all activities along the way... so click on the picture for more info

The Prasad Project is organic!

Streets becomes art, Art change the streets, The Streets changes people, Art becomes Parties, Parties becomes art, The street enters the galleries…  In other words…. Prasad develops – and it develops constantly….. so follow the blog and the updates on Facebook.


We’re so proud of being part of this Prasad Project….

First – and most important – because the Art we will show on our walls is fantastic.

Second – and equally important – because Prasad is more than ‘just’ art. It’s a manifestation of a generation. It’s about hope for Nepal… and its created, initiated and organized by a group of young Nepalese contemporary artists without involvement of organisations, embassies….

Tings involvement is the hosting of the original works – the 8th Art@Tings event and sharing of our vast experiences in arranging similar projects similar Art & Culture projects in Europe….

Travelers on the way to to Tings… Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary experience.

Friends in Kathmandu – you will LOVE the project.

NOTE: The Prasad Project is NOT funded by organisations or Embassies. Its created on the same conditions as most projects where we come from. With love and passion.

So come by and support the artists by buying the art – we will have magnificent and unique pieces!



Thomas, Annette, Dorjee, Jit, Bijay, Mithon, Githa, Shamilla, Bal, Sagar, Aman, Bajej, Rajkumar & Ally.

NOTE: We will post updates daily…


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