Woke up to the fantastic review on Tripadvisor


Kathmandu can be a nightmare.

The city is very polluted and especially when I visit it (I’ve spent 1 week here to visit kathmandu valley) since the governament was enlarging all the streets, and it looked like they decided to enlarge them all at the same time, going out was really unpleasant.

So, believe me, coming back at Tings at the end of the day was so beautiful. I don’t want to say that the place is a five star hotel. It is a mix between a bed and breakfast and a boutique hotel. And I don’t wanna say even that everything is perfect…many things can be improved to reach a western standard in general terms.

But I want to say that the place is really really charming and made with a good taste, and most of all the guys there are going to make you cry when you go away. They are so nice, so polite and so whilling to help you in whatever you need. Mithon was the best taxi finder ever, Bijaja and Rajkumar were always going around the place looking at you to see if you would need something, and Dorje even save my credit card (I left it one night at a atm machine because in Kathmandu machine first give you the money and later one the card – beware – so I forgot it and the machine got it. The day after Dorje managed to call the bank and went personally to get it and brought it to me). These were the guys we have been more in contact but I know that many other people work there and were really great.

I want to add that breakfast was amazing.

So, the point is exactly what they say in their website. THis is not a five star hotel. But if you are not whilling to spend 300 and up dollars at the Dwarika hotel, which in my opinion (I have been there at dinner) is the only hotel that can assure you a certain standard, don’t waste you money in 4 star hotel in kathmandu because you are going to be disappointed.

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