Poze’ssedByletters – the next Art@Tings Event opens on Friday 18th @ 6 – 8 pm.



The day after the opening of Poetry@Tings Poze – aka Yann Chatelin – came by and showed us his works.

The timing was – and is rotten. But we instantly fell in love with his art. So we decided to squeeze in an exhibition even though we wont be physically present at the opening… we will be in Yangon.

And not only the art –  all the circles that surround it matches ours. Annette loves Letters, hence the ‘theme’. Thomas loves Gil-Scot Heron (who is portrayed on the Invitation) and the street edge you can feel in Poze’s art. And we both love Morocco and all that comes out of this amazing country.

Like all our previous art events the opening is far from a traditional fernissage. More like a hub where people meet for a couple of hours and share what ever they have to share….



The art is always the center of it all – but sometimes other things happen…

Working with exhibitions is very inspiring. We always come up with new ideas during the process. And this time we have a few –  what exactly will happen we don’t know yet. Except that Nye Blen aka Mathieu Crette will be VJ’ing, Annette is working on something and so is Thomas….

So follow us on Facebook for more information.

We’re looking forward to the Opening of Poze’ssedByLetters@Tings on Friday the 18th from 6 pm – 8 pm..

And like always we will serve food and drinks.


Love from Thailand


Annette & Thomas





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