A good way to enter 2013: Lakha Lama Rinpoche @ Tings on Tuesday 1st January 7:30 – 9:00 PM

On Tuesday 1st January Lakha Lama Rinpoche gives his last teaching and guided meditation at the top lounge – next to the oven.

The previous four Tuesdays we have had the pleasure of Lakha Lama Rinpiche’s teachings and guided meditation at Tings.

If you haven’t enjoyed his company yet, Tuesday will most probably be one of the last chance until he returns to Boudha  fall/winter 2013 (he may return for a few sessions in February).


Tea and cake on the house.


Like the previous Tuesdays the evenings are free. But small donations are appreciated.


Lakha Lama Rinpoche talks about Forgiveness & Compassion, October 2012.





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