We’re still here – just busy.

Got back from Terai a couple of days ago – and have been very busy since (working on Tings Myanmar and lot of new goodies).

We went to visit our friend Banko (YES – the one with the Banko salad on our menu) who works and lives at Gorkha Brewery in Terai outside Narayan Ghat.

We went there mainly there to relax – BUT also to work on one of our future Tings projects: our own feta cheese. 

Here it’s Paresh in action showing Thomas the possibilities in the art of creating cheese.



We discussed the different possibilities and decided to go for the salty feta cheese and leave the creamy mozzarella till later.


Another soon-to-come-to-Tings-project


Our own sun dried cherry tomatos

Well – this one is almost too obvious – at the time of writing we are one day from having our own homemade sun dried tomatoes naturel. Tomorrow we prepare tomatoes for one month – this time marinated in olive oil with garlic and Rosemary…


We can’t wait to serve them in to Lounge


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